Tips to Remodel A Petite Bathroom

Tips to Remodel A Petite Bathroom

Very small bathroom remodel can be quite tricky. As you know, a bathroom is one of the most important parts at a house. A bathroom needs special treatment and attention even though you have the petite one. Sometimes, you need to remodel your small bathroom so that it can be more comfortable and functional. But there are several things that you should consider before remodelling your small bathroom. What are they?

Consider Furniture Selection

Tips to Remodel A Petite Bathroom

Choose bathroom furniture according to the concept you apply to your small bathroom. It will be better if you choose simple bathroom furniture without many carvings, details, or decorations. Because it will make your petite bathroom looks crowded and stuffy instead of beautifully decorated. Also, consider the size of the furniture given the thought that there is not many spaces.

Consider Materials Selection

Tips to Remodel A Petite Bathroom

Even though your bathroom is not spacious, you can make it comfortable by selecting the right and proper materials for bathroom elements. For example, you can opt for ceramic materials for bathroom walls and floors. Ceramic materials are easy to clean and resistant to molds.

Moreover, ceramic walls will also bring a luxurious look to your bathroom design. For the bathroom walls, you can use large ceramics that are diagonally installed to get the more spacious look. Make sure the ceramic material you choose is not slippery, such as porcelains. Things work the same as a classic kitchen.

Consider Bathroom Elements Selection

The next tip of very small bathroom remodel is considering bathroom elements. A shower becomes the right choice for a small bathroom because it does not need a lot of space. You can also save water by using a shower. You can use a partition, such as a curtain or glass partition to separate the wet area and dry area in your bathroom. This way, the water will not splash all bathroom floors.

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Consider the Layout

Since the bathroom is not really spacious, you should be careful in arranging the bathroom furniture. For example, choose a small built-in bathroom cabinet so that it can be hung on the wall. This way, you can save space in your petite bathroom. So, your small bathroom will not look even smaller. You can also utilize the empty corner. There is no need to place big storage because you just need to store your toiletries. Are you ready to do your own very small bathroom remodel?


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