Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

Find out the trendiest large colorful area rugs ideas in the following list to get you inspired. Either it is for classic kitchens or modern living rooms, rugs can always create decorative space in your home interior. As for 2020, colorful rugs are now back to trend. With many designs and patterns available, you will have plenty of rug options to decorate every room in your house.

#1. Dining Room with a Colorful Striped Rug

Add color to your bare white dining room by decorating it with a bold striped rug. It comes with multicolors of reds, pinks, and browns. To coordinate the colors, you can also place a furnished dining table completed with contemporary pink chairs.

#2. A Living Room with a Colorful Dino-Patterned Rug

Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

This colorful rug comes with contemporary dinosaur patterns. The design of the rug has a colorful palette to cheer up your living room. Meanwhile, the organic forms of the rug have striking colors that will blend perfectly with the interior design of your house. The colors of the rug will also create harmony in a white living room that is connected to a patio, making it look more stylish.

#3. Bedroom with a Colorful Diamond-Patterned Rug

Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

Large colorful area rugs will be a great decoration item added to your bedroom. They will create balance to a bedroom dominated with white color. You can pick up a colorful rug with diamond patterns to make the room looks more modern. The colorful rugs will also help you to add a luxurious touch on the hardwood floorings. 

#4. A Colorful Contemporary Rug for a Colorful Living Room

You can decorate a colorful living room with a colorful rug without making it looks bulkily by using the rightest shades. Mix neutral and bold colors to allow you to get your desired design. The neutral color comes from the walls while the bold colors come from the rug and sofas.

A rug with punchy neon colors such as orange and green will look fabulous in a living room with neutral colors. Meanwhile, the fuchsia color used for the sofa, while bold green is used for the curtains.

#5. Modern Home-Office with a Rainbow Rug

This is one of the large colorful area rugs ideas you can apply your home-office space. Come with all the colors found in a rainbow, the rug will make you want to work all day long. A wooden desk and brown velvet curtains will add a classy touch to the room.

How to Choose the Best Sofa Bed with Storage You Must Know

How to Choose Best Sofa Bed with Storage

Sofa bed with storage can be found in an easy way when you search in the home store. The sofa is an important element that is usually added to your living room or some time it can also add to your mid century modern bedroom. The sofa will become one of the favorite places for all people who gather in your home. There are some activities that can be done in the sofa. In order to find the right sofa, you need to consider so many things.

The design and space will influence your decision too. If you have limited space in your home, you better choose a sofa that is made with the multifunction features. You can choose a sofa bed that is made with storage space too so you can store so many things in the storage space. For all of you who want to buy a sofa that is made with storage space, you better consider some things here.

Types of Seater for Sofa

How to Choose Best Sofa Bed with Storage

There are two types of seater for your sofa bed with storage. You can choose based on your needs and also your space in your home. You need to choose a sofa that can accommodate all people or family members in your home.

You can choose to buy a 2-seater sofa that is suitable for you who have a small home and a small space such as you who are living in a small apartment. You can find some colors of a 2-seater sofa for your home.

For a larger home, you can choose to buy a 3-seater sofa. This sofa is bigger and can be used as a comfortable sleeping area in your home too. You can also choose to buy a corner sofa that is good for a small space in your home too and it gives an aesthetic look in your home.

Today most of the sofa products are made with storage features that can help you to store books, DVDs and some other things. It helps you to keep your home looks clean and neat too.

Mechanic System of Sofa Bed

How to Choose Best Sofa Bed with Storage

Adding a sofa bed is a smart solution especially for you who live in a small apartment. Before you choose the right sofa bed, you also need to know the mechanism of your sofa bed. You can choose clic clac frame of sofa bed. This sofa bed is simply because you just need to simply drop the back down and then you can make sleeping areas or places to feel relax. It is simple and suitable for modern home design too.

You can also choose a framing mechanism for the sofa bed. It is the easiest sofa mechanism because you can turn your sofa into a bed in a simple way too. You can also choose to buy a sofa bed with a pullout and lift up mechanism too. There are some sofa beds that offered to you in some stores and you better choose a color that is suitable for your home design too. It is time for you to buy your own sofa bed with storage.

How to Choose Best Sofa Bed with Storage

Learn How to Pick Mid Century Modern Sofa in Your Living Room

Learn How to Pick Mid Century Modern Sofa in Your Living Room

Mid century modern sofa can be added to your mid-century living room. There are some styles of the home that you can choose and one of the best styles for a home that is suitable for what you like. For all of you who like with mid-century style for your home, you can make all of your rooms in mid-century looks too.

You need to make mid century modern bedroom by adding the right furniture too in your bedroom. How about making your living room looks stylish? Before you add the sofa in your living room, you need to know first about the mid-century style that you can apply in your home.

What is Mid Century Modern Style?

Learn How to Pick Mid Century Modern Sofa in Your Living Room

Before adding mid century modern sofa, it is good for you to understand first the definition of mid-century modern style for your home. It is a home style that is characterized by some horizontal lines and makes with open floor plans with large windows. The windows can connect outdoor and indoor area in easy way.

This home-style was famous in !960s. For all of you who want to add furniture and increase the style of mid-century modern style in your home, you need to know some characteristics of furniture for mid-century modern home here.

Characteristics of Mid Century Modern Furniture

Learn How to Pick Mid Century Modern Sofa in Your Living Room

Furniture that is added to your mid-century modern home should be made in a simple design. When you choose to add a sofa, you need to choose a sofa that is made with simple and clean line design. It will make you have a sleek sofa in your living room. Wood will become the main material for your sofa.

You can choose to buy a sofa that is made from teak wood and then choose to use a Scandinavian style of sofa for your living room. The sofa should be able to show the beauty of wood finishes. You can decorate your sofa with modern prints too. It is also famous for mid-century modern home style furniture.

How about color for your furniture or other ornaments in your mid-century modern home? Some interior designers recommend you choose a bold color for furniture that you add to your room. You can choose a red, crisp white, black and also turquoise color for your sofa that you add to your home.

You can combine natural and manmade materials such as combining wood and synthetic fabric for your sofa. You can shop your favorite mid-century modern sofa in some stores and then add to your living room or other rooms in your home.

Learn How to Pick Mid Century Modern Sofa in Your Living Room

Garden Table and Reclining Chairs – Tips to Choose Outdoor

Tips to Choose Outdoor Garden Table and Reclining Chairs

Garden table and reclining chairs can be added as the best outdoor furniture. Garden is an important element for your home. You can complete your home look and function when you have a garden with beautiful plants, flowers and a swimming pool. In order to enjoy your day in the garden, you need to add furniture. Furniture will add function to your garden. It is similar when you add furniture to your mid century modern bedroom.

There are some choices of furniture items that you can choose but you must be careful in choosing one that is good for your outdoor area. Since you will put the furniture in the outdoor area, you should not buy indoor furniture. For you who are confused about choosing the right furniture for an outdoor areas such as for patio and garden, you can get some tips here.

Pick the Durable Furniture

Tips to Choose Outdoor Garden Table and Reclining Chairs

Adding a garden table and reclining chairs will be good when you check the material of the table and chair first. When you choose furniture for your garden, you need to pick the durable and well built of furniture. In some stores, you can find strong and durable furniture for outdoor that made with comfort and stylish look too.

When we talk about the material of the furniture for an outdoor area, you can choose to add rattan, bamboo, wood, metal and some other materials for your garden tables and also some other garden furniture items.  You also need to choose the right size of the furniture.

You should not buy too small furniture because it will not make you want to spend a lot of time there. You can check your space first before you buy the best size of outdoor furniture.

Low Maintenance Outdoor Furniture

Tips to Choose Outdoor Garden Table and Reclining Chairs

Buying outdoor furniture will mean that you need to think of investment for your future. It doesn’t matter when you need to buy a higher price of furniture for the first time but you can use your outdoor furniture for a longer time.

It is also good for you to purchase furniture that is made with simple care and low maintenance. It will save you more money and your effort to clean and maintain your outdoor furniture.

You can choose rattan and wicker furniture as the best choice for your garden area. It is durable and it is made with some textures and colors that you can combine with other things in your patio or garden. Rattan is suitable for all types of weather in most of the countries in the world. You can search the garden table and reclining chairs made by rattan now.

Tips to Choose Outdoor Garden Table and Reclining Chairs

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

Home Goods Kitchen Table – Dining tables should always be in their good performance even if they are not in use. Bare dining tables will bring down your dining room and makes it look boring. These home goods kitchen table decoration ideas will allow you to have an inviting dining room even when you are using them. 

#1. A Classy Kitchen Table with Tray Display

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

Create a gorgeous tray display on your kitchen table to make it looks fantastic all the time. You can put a few decorative items on the tray to create a fine centerpiece. Things like some coasters or a vintage teapot can be a great alternative to put on the display. Either it is for modern or classic kitchens, the tray display can create a dramatic look to the areas.

#2. Kitchen Table with Pottery Pieces and Modern Art

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

Bring an artistic look to your dining room by decorating your kitchen table with pottery pieces or modern arts. Showcase your collection and put them on the table kitchen to create an artistic display to the cooking space. Place an artistic sculpture or a unique vase in the center of the table. To make the area looks more amazing, you can put some decorative pieces around the sculpture or vase. 

#3. Decorative Potted Plants

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

If you love the beauty of nature and want to bring the atmosphere into your dining room, decorating it with potted plants can be a nice alternative. Not only beautiful but this is also one of the home goods kitchen table decor ideas that require little attention or care. Small ceramic pots contain plants like rosemary can be a great option. To strengthen the natural look, you can also put some moss on top of it. 

#4. Kitchen Table with Wood Candle Pillars and Vases

Add a romantic ambiance to your dining room by decorating your kitchen table with candle pillars and decorative vases. Place some glass vases on the table and fill them white roses. Put some wood candle pillars with candles-in just around the vases. They will be a fantastic focal point in your dining room even if the table is not in use.

#5. Table Kitchen with Seasonal Treasures

One of the best home goods kitchen table ideas you can use to decorate your dining room is seasonal treasures. Things like candle hurricanes with different sizes will create an amazing centerpiece on the table. Add a tiered stand and fill it with shells for a more gorgeous look at the kitchen table. 

How long Does it Take to Paint a Room – Read this Article

How long does it take to paint a room

How long does it take to paint a room ? Painting the room is important to add beauty to the room, especially for new homes. Repainting the walls of the house can also be done to give a new atmosphere to the house. To be able to make the house better, there are many color choices that can be used. How long does to take to paint a room? basically a lot of factors can affect the painting process ranging from the area of ​​the room, weather and so forth.

Preparation before painting

How long does it take to paint a room

Before painting, there are some things that need to be considered. Some of these include preparing paint equipment including brushes or rollers, wall paint, extension poles, paint trays, buckets and used cloth. Furthermore, maintaining the cleanliness of the walls to be painted is important. Clean the surface of the wall to be painted from various dirt.

On the surface of the old wall usually there will be some parts that are cracked and hollow so it needs to be repaired first. Clean the color of the previous paint by filing it can make the colors more integrated in the wall. Get rid of all the furniture or put things aside from the wall such as tables, cabinets, full grain leather sofa and other objects in the room to facilitate the painting process. Cover the other parts so they don’t get splashed with paint.

Painting process

How long does it take to paint a room

How long does it take to paint a room? Basically, the length of the painting process depends on the area of ​​the room to be painted. For painting time, the wall measuring 13’x13 ‘takes about 6 hours to paint. This painting time may vary depending on the process at the time of painting and the time of painting required by the person painting. The time needed to be able to paint the room will be longer if the color painting using a pattern.

For the process of drying from the paint itself also varies, for one room the time needed for the paint to dry can only be within 24 hours. However, the drying time also depends on the air circulation in the room and the weather. Good air circulation and good weather will speed up drying on wall paint. To get a wall paint that is easier to dry quickly, you can use water thinners (water based). You can also use thinner thinner (solvent based) but it takes longer to dry.

Do you need a professional to paint?

How long does it take to paint a room

Basically, choosing a professional to paint a room in the house can provide many benefits. Some of them provide good and professional results, save time and can be done at any time. If you want to paint your own room or DIY, of course it will give you the freedom to paint and can save costs.

However, if you are busy enough with your work and you have a large enough room, recruiting professionals to paint can be a good idea. How long does it take to paint a room? The duration of professional painting and painting itself may be different. Painting the room will give beauty to the walls of your home and make residents of the house continue to be excited.