Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

Find out the trendiest large colorful area rugs ideas in the following list to get you inspired. Either it is for classic kitchens or modern living rooms, rugs can always create decorative space in your home interior. As for 2020, colorful rugs are now back to trend. With many designs and patterns available, you will have plenty of rug options to decorate every room in your house.

#1. Dining Room with a Colorful Striped Rug

Add color to your bare white dining room by decorating it with a bold striped rug. It comes with multicolors of reds, pinks, and browns. To coordinate the colors, you can also place a furnished dining table completed with contemporary pink chairs.

#2. A Living Room with a Colorful Dino-Patterned Rug

Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

This colorful rug comes with contemporary dinosaur patterns. The design of the rug has a colorful palette to cheer up your living room. Meanwhile, the organic forms of the rug have striking colors that will blend perfectly with the interior design of your house. The colors of the rug will also create harmony in a white living room that is connected to a patio, making it look more stylish.

#3. Bedroom with a Colorful Diamond-Patterned Rug

Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

Large colorful area rugs will be a great decoration item added to your bedroom. They will create balance to a bedroom dominated with white color. You can pick up a colorful rug with diamond patterns to make the room looks more modern. The colorful rugs will also help you to add a luxurious touch on the hardwood floorings. 

#4. A Colorful Contemporary Rug for a Colorful Living Room

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You can decorate a colorful living room with a colorful rug without making it looks bulkily by using the rightest shades. Mix neutral and bold colors to allow you to get your desired design. The neutral color comes from the walls while the bold colors come from the rug and sofas.

A rug with punchy neon colors such as orange and green will look fabulous in a living room with neutral colors. Meanwhile, the fuchsia color used for the sofa, while bold green is used for the curtains.

#5. Modern Home-Office with a Rainbow Rug

This is one of the large colorful area rugs ideas you can apply your home-office space. Come with all the colors found in a rainbow, the rug will make you want to work all day long. A wooden desk and brown velvet curtains will add a classy touch to the room.


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