Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

Find out the trendiest large colorful area rugs ideas in the following list to get you inspired. Either it is for classic kitchens or modern living rooms, rugs can always create decorative space in your home interior. As for 2020, colorful rugs are now back to trend. With many designs and patterns available, you will have plenty of rug options to decorate every room in your house.

#1. Dining Room with a Colorful Striped Rug

Add color to your bare white dining room by decorating it with a bold striped rug. It comes with multicolors of reds, pinks, and browns. To coordinate the colors, you can also place a furnished dining table completed with contemporary pink chairs.

#2. A Living Room with a Colorful Dino-Patterned Rug

Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

This colorful rug comes with contemporary dinosaur patterns. The design of the rug has a colorful palette to cheer up your living room. Meanwhile, the organic forms of the rug have striking colors that will blend perfectly with the interior design of your house. The colors of the rug will also create harmony in a white living room that is connected to a patio, making it look more stylish.

#3. Bedroom with a Colorful Diamond-Patterned Rug

Large Colorful Area Rugs – 5 Multicolor Rug Designs for Every Room

Large colorful area rugs will be a great decoration item added to your bedroom. They will create balance to a bedroom dominated with white color. You can pick up a colorful rug with diamond patterns to make the room looks more modern. The colorful rugs will also help you to add a luxurious touch on the hardwood floorings. 

#4. A Colorful Contemporary Rug for a Colorful Living Room

You can decorate a colorful living room with a colorful rug without making it looks bulkily by using the rightest shades. Mix neutral and bold colors to allow you to get your desired design. The neutral color comes from the walls while the bold colors come from the rug and sofas.

A rug with punchy neon colors such as orange and green will look fabulous in a living room with neutral colors. Meanwhile, the fuchsia color used for the sofa, while bold green is used for the curtains.

#5. Modern Home-Office with a Rainbow Rug

This is one of the large colorful area rugs ideas you can apply your home-office space. Come with all the colors found in a rainbow, the rug will make you want to work all day long. A wooden desk and brown velvet curtains will add a classy touch to the room.

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

Home Goods Kitchen Table – Dining tables should always be in their good performance even if they are not in use. Bare dining tables will bring down your dining room and makes it look boring. These home goods kitchen table decoration ideas will allow you to have an inviting dining room even when you are using them. 

#1. A Classy Kitchen Table with Tray Display

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

Create a gorgeous tray display on your kitchen table to make it looks fantastic all the time. You can put a few decorative items on the tray to create a fine centerpiece. Things like some coasters or a vintage teapot can be a great alternative to put on the display. Either it is for modern or classic kitchens, the tray display can create a dramatic look to the areas.

#2. Kitchen Table with Pottery Pieces and Modern Art

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

Bring an artistic look to your dining room by decorating your kitchen table with pottery pieces or modern arts. Showcase your collection and put them on the table kitchen to create an artistic display to the cooking space. Place an artistic sculpture or a unique vase in the center of the table. To make the area looks more amazing, you can put some decorative pieces around the sculpture or vase. 

#3. Decorative Potted Plants

Home Goods Kitchen Table Decoration Ideas When Not in Use

If you love the beauty of nature and want to bring the atmosphere into your dining room, decorating it with potted plants can be a nice alternative. Not only beautiful but this is also one of the home goods kitchen table decor ideas that require little attention or care. Small ceramic pots contain plants like rosemary can be a great option. To strengthen the natural look, you can also put some moss on top of it. 

#4. Kitchen Table with Wood Candle Pillars and Vases

Add a romantic ambiance to your dining room by decorating your kitchen table with candle pillars and decorative vases. Place some glass vases on the table and fill them white roses. Put some wood candle pillars with candles-in just around the vases. They will be a fantastic focal point in your dining room even if the table is not in use.

#5. Table Kitchen with Seasonal Treasures

One of the best home goods kitchen table ideas you can use to decorate your dining room is seasonal treasures. Things like candle hurricanes with different sizes will create an amazing centerpiece on the table. Add a tiered stand and fill it with shells for a more gorgeous look at the kitchen table. 

Top 5 Large Kitchen Area Rugs to Decorate Your Cooking Space

Top 5 Large Kitchen Area Rugs to Decorate Your Cooking Space

When it comes to the discussion of large kitchen area rugs, there are plenty of ideas that are available to opt for. They make classic kitchens look more modern or otherwise, bring a classic but luxurious look to a contemporary kitchen. But, whatever it is, a kitchen rug always becomes a perfect addition to a cooking space, especially one with large size. Find your decor inspiration in the following large kitchen area rugs ideas. 

#1. Rug with Vibrant Colors in a Large Cooking Space

Top 5 Large Kitchen Area Rugs to Decorate Your Cooking Space

One of the best things about having a neutral large kitchen is that you will find it easy to mix and match things to decorate the cooking space. A rug with vibrant colors can be a perfect option if you want to add color to the area. Not only that but the vibrant colors of the rug will help you to conceal stains and spills.

#2. Large Kitchen with a Padded Rug

Top 5 Large Kitchen Area Rugs to Decorate Your Cooking Space

Cooking in a large kitchen causes some people to feel aching on their feet at the end of the day. A padded rug can be a great solution to take since it is more comfortable on your feet. It lowers pressure on your back when you need to stand for a long time when cooking. The rug will also allow you to avoid falls since it comes with built-in resistance. 

#3. Flatweave Kitchen Rug 

One of the large kitchen area rugs you can put under your radar is a flatweave rug. This is a minimal flat weave rug that will perfect for a “busy” kitchen. A flatweave rug is usually made of cotton material that combined with other fibers. That is why you will find it very easy to clean the rug after busy days in your kitchen. 

#4. A Large Kitchen with an Oriental Rug

Top 5 Large Kitchen Area Rugs to Decorate Your Cooking Space

An oriental rug is a perfect decorative item if you want to create a classic look to your kitchen area. Additionally, this rug design can blend with any decor style perfectly. From a country-inspired kitchen to a traditional cooking space, an oriental rug will be a nice decoration item to add to.

#5. Decorative Rug with Larger Weaves and Loops

Large kitchen area rugs with larger loops and weaves are now becoming the hottest trend of interior design. They could be an attractive focal point in your cooking space. Not only that but the texture, design, and scale of the rug will look gorgeous on both wooden and tile floors.

The 5 Best Canvas Awnings Ideas to Decorate Your Exteriors

The 5 Best Canvas Awnings Ideas to Decorate Your Exteriors

Either it is to shield windows of classic kitchens, entrance doors, or patios from sun lights, awnings made of canvas can be a good addition to your exterior decoration. They will create a dramatic change to your exterior design as well as provide second protection to your property. Plus, many designs are available for you to choose from. This following page will show you the best canvas awnings ideas to add to your exterior decoration.

#1. Modern House Design with Cafe Awning

This awning design will allow you to bring a cafe look to your modern house. The dark green color of the awning provides a contrast to the exterior design dominated by white color. The awning made of canvas added to the exterior decor will not only shield you from sunlight while spending time outdoor. But the awning will also bring your exterior design to a different level. 

#2. Classy Entry Porch

The 5 Best Canvas Awnings Ideas to Decorate Your Exteriors

As for an entry porch, an awning can provide you with stylish protection just before you enter your house when it is raining. The awning will also a perfect addition especially if your house comes with a cubical design and with a small porch. To make the awning looks more stylish, you can install garden lamps. They will provide additional lights to the awning from below, making it looks dramatic. 

#3. Classic Window Awnings

The 5 Best Canvas Awnings Ideas to Decorate Your Exteriors

You will never go wrong with window canvas awnings. They will make your exterior decoration look more fabulous. Install classic awnings with contrast colors to your windows. For instance, if your exterior design is dominated by white, you can choose bold colors such as red or green to add contrasts.

#4. Bistro Style Kitchen

You can also use awnings made of canvas to create a kitchen with bistro style. They will provide you with a stylish alternative for typical window valances installed to your house. You can choose to install a large awning to allow you to create a cozy sitting area. Make sure to place couches with contrast colors such as pink or yellow to add color to the exterior design.

#5. Canvas Awning for a Black French Door

The 5 Best Canvas Awnings Ideas to Decorate Your Exteriors

Canvas awnings will also look perfect if added to a house with a black French door. The yellow color of the awning will add a refreshing color to the exterior that dominated by dark shades. Just place some chairs with a large table just under the fawning to allow you to create a stylish dining area. 

Things to Consider to Design Timeless Classic Kitchens

the best classic kitchen

People love to style classic kitchens in their houses because of the timeless look. If you are also interested to style your kitchen with the classic design style, there are several things you can do and consider in the first place. Here we have a list of things you can try to put in the kitchen. Other than that, it is important to keep the kitchen clutter-free so you can commute easily in it.

Consider the Classic Kitchens Colors

The kitchen needs to be treated like other rooms in your home. You need to decide the color combination so the whole scene would complement each other. Other than that, in classic kitchen design, the color combination could make or break the appearance of the room. 

By sticking with white and grey or white and brown along with wooden cabinets would create a beautiful look. Some kitchens also look classic and clean with white kitchen cabinets. White is easy to be paired with other colors and hardware materials. 

We can say that white kitchen cabinets would be the spotlight in classic kitchens. Meanwhile, if you want to experiment with other color combinations, make sure you do not make it too bold, contrast, and other similar things. If you have spare outside your kitchen, installing canvas awnings would be another element that spice the kitchen appearance.

Backsplash options

Things to Consider to Design Timeless Classic Kitchens

A backsplash is also an option you need to consider when you are browsing small bath remodel ideas. This option is also important in the kitchen especially if you want to get the classic one. Generally, there are two types of classic backsplash options. 

The first type is a backsplash that shows no prints at all. The second type is the patterned one. If you go for a pattern-less backsplash, you should pick a solid backsplash. Muted colors like white, grey, off-white, would be great. If you are not sure which one to choose, you can always go with white subway tiles for the backsplash. Subway tiles also fit for very small bathroom remodel ideas.

On the other hand, if you want something different, you can pick the patterned backsplash. Moroccan patterns are pretty popular. The pattern is also the potential to go timeless. If you would go this way, just make sure that the pattern does not look too busy.

Pick a rug

Things to Consider to Design Timeless Classic Kitchens

Kitchens would look much nicer with a rug in it. Whether you need a large kitchen area rugs or the small ones, you should consider several aspects before picking one. Make sure the size fits your kitchen space. Other than that, make sure that you leave space between the rug and the cabinets.

The material is also important to consider. For the kitchen floor, flat-weave rugs would be the best material to choose from. This type of rug is easy to clean and could absorb spills. Before choosing one, you need to figure out where to put the rug in the kitchen so you will know the material options you have.

Since you will move a lot in the kitchen, make sure the rug has a non-slip backing. If it does not, you can put a non-slip fabric under the rug or even use a rug pad to put in front of your sink. Comfortability and materials would go together.

More than anything, the rug should meet the décor of the kitchen in the first place. Large colorful area rugs can be used for the dining area. However, if you choose brighter hues, you should watch out stains and dirt. Rugs, on the other hand, are also part of the best bedroom decor ideas.

Choose the flooring material

Things to Consider to Design Timeless Classic Kitchens

If you have chosen all the elements in the kitchen, you should move to the flooring materials. According to Home builders Greenville SC, you need to make sure that the floor material is practical and durable at the same time. It will affect other elements in the kitchen. The good news is that you can find tons of textures and colors today.

Wood flooring material is pretty popular from time to time especially if you want to build a classic or traditional look in your kitchen. It infuses a warm vibe. Other than that, today’s technology allows you to get wood floors that could sustain heavy traffic and water stains.

Stone could be another alternative you choose especially to highlight the high traffic areas. Other than that, this would bring the traditional feel in the kitchen as well. Flooring materials are also important when you want to create your own bedroom.

The kitchen table

Things to Consider to Design Timeless Classic Kitchens

Some kitchens are designed to be one with the dining area. In this case, you will need to choose the dining table. You can browse the home goods kitchen table to find the style you like. If you find difficulties to get the shape that fits your kitchen, we have a short guide you can follow.

Rectangular dining tables are the most common shape. It fits most dining rooms but if you put it in the kitchen, make sure you have enough space for it. Some models are also available in expandable dining room table versions. 

Square dining tables are another type you should take a look at. This option is also excellent if you will not serve a big group to seat at the table. It will be a good choice for a dining space in the kitchen. Other than that, this can help to create an intimate yet close atmosphere during mealtime.

Round dining tables can be used as the alternative of square tables. Everyone can see everyone else while eating their favorite foods. Regardless of the type, make sure the room you have can accommodate the table without overwhelming the kitchen in the first place.

Classic Kitchens Sectional Lamps

After you agree on what you want in the kitchen, you must provide appropriate lighting in the kitchen. Make your kitchen atmosphere like the kitchen of the west palm beach. A kitchen needs more than one type of lighting. Lightings also help to build mood so you can take advantage of it to build classic kitchens you have always wanted.