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Interior of a Modern Mid Century Style House

Mid century modern rugs – A home interior style that refers to the modern mid-century now seems to have returned to the trend among the people. Modern mid-century style influenced the 20th century or around the 1950s. The distinctive feature of this century’s interior design is the use of typical summer colors such as light brown, orange and mustard.

The addition of mid century modern rugs became an inseparable feature of this style. Here are some of the characteristics of modern mid-century style home interiors.

Interior of a Modern Mid Century Style House

1. Using a wooden interior

Wood is the main interior that usually exists in this interior style. Wood interiors are usually located in the use of furniture and floors in the room. The use of this wood always gives a good and stunning impression on modern mid century style. In general, the use of wood elements in the room can give a clean impression to the room. The wood furniture used also comes from a variety of woods such as oats, walnuts to rosewood.

2. The use of large glass windows

Interior of a Modern Mid Century Style House

The use of large glass windows is also a feature of modern mid century style rooms. Large glass windows can provide a better natural lighting. Lighting from natural lighting is intended so that the room can get a good enough supply of light for the room, so the room will be brighter with natural light. In addition, light that faces nature can give a cool and refreshing impression to the room.

3. Use of geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are also widely applied to modern mid-century designs. This style is located on many walls, room equipment and especially on carpets that use mid-century modern rugs that have a geometric patterned design. Giving a geometric pattern can give a fresh and unique impression to the room.

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4. The use of summer colors

Interior of a Modern Mid Century Style House

For the color combination of interior design with modern mid-century style using a distinctive color with summer, namely light brown, orange, yellow, mustard, green and dark colors. The use of these colors is a mixture of colors used in almost all rooms ranging from furniture such as full-grain leather sofa, floors, wall paints and room accessories.

5. Use of natural elements

The living room usually uses the most modern mid-century style. The use of these natural elements in the form of the use of green plants placed in the room. This green plant will add an exotic impression to the room. The use of color elements in the room always gives a fresh effect on the room. The use of green plants and mid-century modern rugs is inseparable from modern mid-country.


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